Ambasada romana la Stockholm: informaţie din partea organizaţiei Stockholms Stadsmission


Informaţie din partea organizaţiei Stockholms Stadsmission

Organizaţia Stockholms Stadsmission caută voluntari (vorbitori de limba română), în cadrul unui proiect destinat asistării cetăţenilor UE aflaţi în dificultate în Stockholm. Anunţul organizaţiei este prezentat în continuare.


Voluntary interpreters to advice and support centre

for homeless EU citizens

Stockholms Stadsmission is a non-profit organisation, which provides activities for the homeless, addicts, children, adolescents and the elderly.

Stockholms Stadsmission is starting and advice and support centre for homeless and/or unemployed citizens

of other EU countries in Stockholm

1 March 2011

The centre will operate in collaboration with the City of Stockholm, Arebtsförmedlingen, Frälsningsarmén and several other non-profit organisations in Stockholm.

The Centre will:

· provide facilities for taking a shower and washing laundry and will serve simple food,

· provide information about the Swedish society and liaise between public authorities and private individuals,

· contribute to knowledge increase and facilitate access of EU citizens to competence development (such as language training in Swedish and translation of school grades or statement from employers into Swedish)

We are now looking for volunteers that are able to translate

to any of the following languages:


Volunteers may choose to work in networks with public authorities and organizations, or more directly with those seeking help in the centre.

You should be able to work 4 hours at a time during daytime on weekdays. You who are able to work regularly once a week is just as welcome as you who are only able to come once a month!

You will not need any other special skills other than to speak any of the above languages and be intersted in working for and with foreign EU citizens in Stockholm!

Contact us!

Project EU Citizen
Stockholms Stadsmission
Contact: Malena Bonnier


  1. Hej Malena,

    My name is Gabriel, I speak Romanian (native),
    French, Spanish and English.
    I’d like to help you as voluntary interpreter, 4 hours a day, online for the moment, or/if I’ll find a job (any) near Stocholm, I could do more.
    I’ve been two times in Sweden, even I am an artist(paintor), last time I’ve worked as an HSE(health, safety. environment) Assistant Manager in Stenungsund – LD5 Borealis Project. I like to work with people, and support your project.

    Vi ses snart,

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