Brinza din lapte de elan din Suedia. 1000 de dolari kilogramul


Cele mai multe branzeturi sunt produse din lapte de vaca, oaie sau capra, insa exista si tipuri de branza facute din laptele altor animale, o ferma din Suedia producand branza din lapte de elan.

Perioada de lactatie a acestor animale este scurta, din iunie pana in august, iar la ferma sunt crescuti trei elani care dau doar 300 de kilograme de branza pe an. Aceasta se vinde insa cu 1.000 de dolari americani kilogramul.

De asemenea, si in Rusia se prepara branza din lapte de elan, dar nu are acelasi succes pe care il are cea de la ferma din Suedia, din cauza continutului ridicat de proteine al laptelui.

Branza – lucruri interesante si fascinante

Moose milk cheese is made at the Moose House, a 59-acre moose dairy farm in Bjursholm, in northern Sweden.

The cheese comes from the milk of three moose cows, named Gullan, Haelga, and Juna.

It’s sold to upscale hotels and restaurants in Sweden. You can also sample and buy any of the three available cheese varieties at the farm.

Christer Johannson started the farm seven years ago with his wife Ulla. They were inspired by similar facilities in eastern Russia, which produce only milk, not cheese. According to Johannson, theirs is the only farm of its kind in Europe.

The three cows, which stay outside all year long, were found as calves abandoned in the woods around Bjursholm, 404 miles north of Stockholm, and were adopted by the Johannson family.

The animals, usually wild, have been domesticated, making it possible to milk them.

"Fortunately, they know and love us, because they weigh about 1,100 pounds. They see us almost as their own calves," Johannson said.

It takes between 30 minutes and two hours to milk a cow, and each produces up to one gallon of milk a day. But that’s only between May and September, the time between when they calve and when they are in heat again.

"That’s one of the reasons why the cheese is so expensive," said Johannson.

The milk, which contains 12% fat and as much protein, is refrigerated, and curdling is done three times per year, producing about 660 pounds of cheese annually.

The Moose House attracts about 25,000 visitors a year.

I find it interesting, in light of the above, that Maine may enlarge the area of the state where moose hunting is legal.

It’s because of all the auto accidents and fatalities caused by collisions. When a moose meets a car, it’s not a pretty site.

Moose collisions in Maine accounted for 3,600 car crashes from 1997 to 2001, 11 deaths, hundreds of injuries, and $81 million in damage.

On just one day last month, June 10, there were four separate moose-related crashes in one night on the Maine Turnpike.


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