Criza in Suedia: Suedezii isi inchid consulatele din New York si Los Angeles precum si alte ambasade…


Suedia isi inchide consulatele din New York si Los Angeles din cauza crizei. Ministrul de externe suedez Carl Bild:

Restringerile de buget forteaza Ministerul de Externe suedez sa inchida deasemenea consulatele din Canton, China, si din Kaliningrad, Rusia dar si ambasada din Sri Lanka…..


The Swedish foreign ministry announced on Thursday it was closing one embassy and four consulates general, including those in New York and Los Angeles due to budget constraints.

The official announcement of the closures, which have been rumoured for months, comes despite vociferous opposition to the move from US-based Swedes and the Swedish business community.

In addition to the closings in the US, Sweden will also shutter consulates in Canton, China and the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, as well as the embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

In announcing the closures, Foreign Minister Carl Bildt blamed the move on budget shortfalls begun under the previous Social Democratic government.

“When I took office as Minister for Foreign Affairs in autumn 2006, the Ministry had a budget deficit of over 50 million kronor ($6.6 million). The deficit had been built up over several years and the previous government maintained activities that had no financing,” Bildt said in a statement.

“With these changes, we will balance the budget and at the same time renew working methods.”

The cuts are part of a broader cost-savings effort which will reduce the ministry’s real estate outlays by 50 million kronor annually and eliminate 100 positions by the end of 2010….

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