Despre o biserica demolata in Suedia…. spune mult despre religie si declinul bisericii suedeze


Bisericile parasite sant cele mai fascinante cladiri abandonate. Iti dai seama ca in fiecare duminica se strangea oamenii pentru a se ruga.
Aceasta biserica a fost construita in 1908 si abandonata in 1976. Cei din comisia locala au reusit in 2007 sa primeasca aprobare pentru a fi demolata, indiferent ca a fost pusa in programul ”monument istroic”. In realitate ea nu mai exista, doar in cateve imagini…. sursa : Biserica – Suedia

in engleza :

The abandoned church

The new church at Maglarp in the very south of Sweden was completed in 1907-08. Today, the building is in a late stage of decay and has not been in regular use since 1976. The area immediately surrounding the church has been closed off, as there is an imminent risk for a structural failure. Years of ignored maintenance have created serious cracks in the main structure, which by an alarming rate is getting worse as rain water seeps in. When the frost bites and the water freezes, concrete and bricks gets blasted….

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