In Suedia se va finaliza cea mai rapida conexiune la internet – 120Gbps


Suedia nu este neaparat prima tara care ne vine in minte cand ne gandim la cea mai rapida conexiune la internet, insa in cursul acestui weekend este posibil sa devina.

Pentru a realiza aceasta performanta, Cisco, vine cu doua routere CRS-3, iar Telia, aduce fibra optica. Cele doua companii lucreaza de mai bine de un an de zile la o infrastructura care isi propune sa intre in cartea recordurilor ca cea mai rapida conexiune la internet. Este vorba de o viteza de 120 Gbps pe o distanta de 300 Km intre localitatile Jonkoping si Stockholm.

World’s Fastest Internet connection? Yes it’s true!

At 120GBPS, you can download ’6′ 1080p movies in less than a few seconds or maybe dry loads of laundry. Sounds hypothetical but its true because Cisco and Telia, are trying to shatter the 120GBPS target by the end of this weekend. It’s all a part of this week’s DreamHack ‘digital festival’, that the Guinness Book grant it as the “world’s largest LAN party.” This year, the two companies will endeavour  to set up a 300 kilometer-long internet connection from Jönköping to Stockholm, serving an assessed 750,000 people at tremendous speeds. The project has been in development since last summer, with Telia assembling the fiber network, and Cisco supervising hardware tasks with a duo of power-packed CRS-3 routers. The companies state that the connection, if up-and-coming, would set a world record for network “capacity utilization,” permitting all 750K people to stream music synchronously and to download an entire movie in just .047 seconds.

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