Pîna si Guvernul Romaniei cerseste bani de la suedezi. „Ne luam tiganii înapoi dar dati-ne bani sa-i întretinem. Altfel pastrati-i sanatosi în Suedia !”


Sweden eyes deal with Romania on welfare

Sweden is close to reaching a deal with Romania to help the struggling country solve some of its most pressing social issues. The focus will be on children’s rights, the government’s special co-ordinator Martin Valfridsson told the Local on Thursday.


A first draft of a so-called co-operation agreement to deal with issues surrounding some of Romania’s most vulnerable groups is currently being prepared by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, with the hope of the two governments penning a formal deal this summer.

“It is not set in stone yet, but both countries have expressed an interest to initiate co-operation on social issues, particularly on children’s rights and education. Romania is very interested in how Sweden organizes its welfare system,” Valfridsson told The Local on Thursday.

Romania’s minister for social affairs met with her Swedish counterparts Åsa Regnér and Annika Strandhäll in January to discuss potential co-operation between the two countries.

And Regnér’s State Secretary Pernilla Baralt and Valfridsson, who is Sweden’s national co-ordinator for the work with vulnerable people in Europe, have just returned from a trip to Bucharest to follow up on the talks.

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